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ECA Thrive Conference 2012

Just got back from the ECA Thrive Ft. Lauderdale conference.  It was amazing!  The hotel was gorgeous and right on the beach.  As a venue, it couldn't be beat for sure! There was tremendous energy in all of the workshops that I presented, and the participants were so enthusiastic and ready to learn and be inspired.

The first workshop I presented was Peak Pilates Core Attack.  Using different props we explored how to challenge the core in new and different ways...there was a lot of moaning and groaning going on.  

Up second was Peak Pilates Reformer Power Tools.  This is one of my most favorite to present, because it helps people think outside the box.  How do you challenge a very fit student, who has never done pilates?  Adding props is just one way...and again with the moaning and groaning.

Reformer Jumpboard Intervals, always a fun one, was scheduled for the first time slot on Sunday (that is a little to close to Saturday night for some people).  Even with 3 people to a reformer, everyone had a great time, and sweated out whatever they did the night before. PilatesStick Full Body Blast was fun, with newbies and pros mixing and mingling to get ideas using the PilatesStick.

We saved the best for last when I got to co-present with Abbie Appel and Maria Solon-Scally "Why Didn't I Think of That?".  Abbie got muscle specific with the Resist-a-Ball, Maria made them sweat with BodyBlade, and I challenged their balance and flexibility with the Power Circle.  So much fun to combine all that knowledge in one workshop!  And, best of all, I ran into two young ladies, up and coming trainers, who had gone to school with two of my kids.  It was hilarious hearing, "Aren't you Carly's/Jeff's mom?" at a fitness conference so far from home!  




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