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Visualization, the way I see it....

I?ve been doing a lot of thinking lately on coaching and visualization. It?s not like I am not busy, but I?m spending a lot of long quiet hours on the road, on my bike right now, and running?.and swimming (uh oh?.sounds like some has been bitten by that tri-bug?) and anyway I just did a quick search on the notion of visualization and it seems that most articles are about the visualization of success. ?You want to buy a car?you imagine walking on to the dealership lot?right on through shaking the seller?s hand and driving away in your new car.? It doesn?t seem adequate for the type of visualization we need for coaching Spinning®. I certainly put this up for discussion, but for me it isn?t actually a success or fail thing in Spinning®. It?s a little more vague and broadly applied to life outside the Spinning® experience. It feels psycho somatic, for sure, whether we?re visualizing that gut wrenching loss 25 years ago on the high school football field that we caused or that personal victory of, uh, I don?t know overcoming an injury or illness to go on with life. There are emotions associated with these kinds of events and good or bad, they have the stage in a well led Spinning® class and can well up and over. I got that sense from a post that I think Linda did on a Recover Ride. We have these threads woven through our lives which cross both physical and emotional aspects our selves. But also, there is just a more purely physical visual aspect of our coaching on a stationary bike that I would love to grow at. Reading about a visualization technique in swimming that has us seeing ourselves as kabob meet on a skewer (stop laughing?.) as we twist one way then the other has helped?and with my dragging feet problem, swimming ?down hill? has helped. Right off the top of my head, I can think of one bit of physical visual coaching I use ? that is regarding the handle bars as someone in our lives who gives us balance and stability and support and how wrong it is to strangle that person ? we need to stay light on the handlebars, and all the other things that fall into place when we stay light ? like softening the elbows, relaxing the shoulders (not hunching or propping), retracting the shoulder blades to keep the chest open, adding the gear to help lighten the entire load on the bike, etc etc etc? I have a book about visualization (physical) when it comes to dancing and yoga, but I wonder if you have any recommended reading about visualization to coax on good form, rather than just saying out right what the form should look like?.I think the visualization helps fix the problems from the inside, rather than fixing them from external suggestion Thoughts?



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