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Still Feeling the Excitement of WSSC 2011

I have been home for three days and still am buzzing about WSSC. This by far was one of the most meaningful conferences I have attended. I was touched by the number of people that shared their energy with me at my rides and lectures. You people are awesome. Your inspiration keeps me wanting to give you more and more each year. As I reflect on this year, I also am saddened to be away from all of my friends until next year. But I know when we all get together again; we will, once again, become one large family. I build off of the passion and energy that exudes from each participant. In the coming days, I?ll give you more information about my thoughts on the conference. Right now, I?m not ready to say it is over. I am still answering many questions via e-mail regarding my sessions so it keeps WSSC 2011 alive for a few more days. To those of you that were not there, please consider attending next year. Come with a friend or come alone. Either way, you?ll walk away a changed instructor. blog by Ralph Mlady for 06/08/2011



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