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Small Pieces of Cycling Wisdom - Part 3(Final Part)

Small Pieces of Cycling Wisdom - Part 3

After several years of involvement with cycling, I've learned many things firsthand. Others important, others not so much. Knowledge is not always valuable! Some of these tips , I would like to share them with you - read my favorites and keep what you love...

61. Apply the right tool for the right job.

62. When you change an inner tube, look good the hose before putting the new one.

63. Do not compare apples with oranges, Road bikes with MTB, Freeride-FS bikes with Bikes for racing XC. Reminds confrontations of Elementary school, type "The Batman beats Spiderman".

64. An inspiring conversation with the weakest of the group does not cost anything.

65. When riding close to others, do not try crazy stuff -you fall down ,respect  the rider next to you .

66. Even if you are not interested in your personal integrity always wear a helmet, even for the sake of your loved ones.

67. A good pair of sleeves are the most useful pieces of cycling clothing you have.

68. In a Sharp or long distance uphill, do try to be pushed or caught from a bike of another cyclist, is very likely that he will not agree!

69. When you borrow an inner tube, be sure to return.

70. A small penknife in the saddle bag can be very useful.

71. As much less hair, the better.

72. Try perky instead of your regular deodorant.

73. Clean your SPD with some WD-40 and a soft cloth. Do the same for Shoe Cleats.

74. Do not leave the house without money and mobile phone, it is almost certain that the day will forget you need them most!

75. By the way, put one 10dollar now in your bike purse.

76. Do not try to justify why it costs your bike to unrelated people, at best you will find quaint, at worst they will laugh.

77. When the bustle of Lycra your "sit", discard it.

78. Do not leave your bike next to the warm radiator.

79. Do not wash the bike with the pressure of the gas station.

80. And then, remove the inner tube from your bag and check whether it has punctured.

81. Do not ask advice from absolute people do not usually have serious arguments.

82. Before ride in mud, wash well and put armor cream to your MTB. Then spend your tires with tire polish (see car accessories). The mud will loosen much easier!

83. Clean the lenses of your glasses with warm soapy water.

84. Avoid dark clothing during the hot months.

85. The colder months, wear a cycling cap under your helmet will protect you from sinusitis, colds and headaches due to cold.

86. Do not test the hardness of the candidate saddle with your thumb, unless you rely on it when riding.

87. With 50psi in the tires of MTB would like jumping kids.

88. The brake pads are designed to wear out-change them!

89. Avoid buying what's cheapest, it is sure that you will pay again for something more expensive.

90. Do not attempt to "fill" the air in your post with pump for tires, we will not succeed ...

91. Even if your bike is not expensive, do not load at cheap racks (car), road safety question!

92. To look where you want to go, not what you are trying to avoid.

93. Every now and then to visit your ophthalmologist.

94. Make at least a complete blood time.

95. Take time to improve your technique.

96. If you do not nag when climbing earning power.

97. Prefer gloves doily.

98. Do not eat fast food.

99. Make bike...

Yours truly,

MI Evangelos Kastamoulas




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