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Planning ahead....without it we're doomed!

As I began week 3 of the 8WWL program I wanted to make sure I approached Healthy Habits #'s 5 & 6 very seriously. It is now that I had to take care that my focus on the program remained strong. My dedication to this program and myself needed to be as passionate and enthusiastic as it was on day 1 of this journey. Throughout my life I have had a tendency to be a superior starter of a new plan and a mediocre finisher. These plans could be for a new diet, an exercise program, a business idea, a plan to organize my home, a new schedule for my family to live by, the list goes on and on. At one time I even adopted a Golden Retriever (now known as Teddy and he is adored) knowing full well that they were extremely active and required lots of walking (and I had hoped eventual running) with their owners to burn off their endless energy. All these ideas and plans started off with so much promise and somehow fizzled. I think many of us have experienced a great starting and not following through, ask any gym owner how many memberships they sell and how many of those members actually use their club. I now realize that i have this tendency so I plan ahead. Planning ahead and being proactive to situations that will come up around the bend is the key to this or any program. So.....getting back to the healthy habits that I needed to follow this week. My 1st thought was to make sure things were in place to complete #5 eating at least 6 fruit and vegetable servings per day. Food shopping was key for this, having the fruits and veggies on hand is a must. If we don't have the items in the house when it comes time to eat we've already set ourselves up for failure, with out good choices available I tend to get creative in a bad way....somehow I'll find a bad snack in a pantry that's been de-chipped and de-cookied. I've also found it's best to take it a step further before buying the healthy items like fruits and veggies have a plan for their use. So many times I buy tons of produce that ends up going bad. If your buying the ingredients for a fruit salad take the time before hand to chop up the ingredients and put them all in a large bowl. It's so awesome to open up the fridge and realize all you need is a small bowl and a spoon to enjoy some delicious and sweet fruit. Also before you do the shopping plan out a menu if one of your dinners will be Tilapia with a side of grilled asparagus, cook that meal the day you penciled it in for. You'll avoid finding the wilted asparagus bunch in the crisper 2 weeks later probably in that same clear produce bag, hate that! I also had to prepare for healthy habit #6 no sweets or alcoholic beverages. Ok so this seemed very doable for me and then it occurred to me there is a holiday to contend with. Easter Sunday the house was filled with Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans the little bit that my wife and I bought for the kids was nothing compared to what the grandparents brought them. In all honesty I broke down and had a couple of handfuls of jelly beans and a piece of chocolate. I was good for 6 of the 7 days and I'm going to give myself a pass on this. I wish I had better news, but I know this is a victory the portion was reasonable and I didn't lose it and eat chocolate all week, like I would have in the old days. I even got a Spin class in Easter morning. My gym closed early that day which i knew it would, I also knew from the past that on holiday's Spinning classes are limited and bikes have to be reserved. I had to take action ahead of time so I could get my workout in for the day. In the past I probably would've used the excuse that the class is full and I'll just take the day off. And then the alcohol, I've found in the past that too much partying always sabotages any great plans for exercise and reasonable eating. I find that if I'm buzzed I let down my guard and start having some of the snacks that are usually in place when cocktails are being served. I start thinking, "everybody" else is eating this stuff (which we all know is untrue) a little can't be so bad...but alcohol and portion control are not friends. Factor in a morning hangover and the gym gets replaced with a lazy day and some greasy food. Add all this up the extra calories from the booze itself, the calories of snack foods served with drinks, the un-burned calories for not making the am spin class and the extra extra high calories from the junk eaten to feel "better" from the hangover, its more then a few steps backwards. I attribute this awful pattern as one of the reasons I re-gained a large portion of the weight I had lost from my experience on The Biggest Loser. I've learned from my mistakes and I plan ahead...like being the driver on Easter Sunday, I knew there would be some wine served. My wife deserved some fun and she knows moderation, probably better than me!



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