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Just try it! You'll like it!

I love introducing people to group exercise classes. As an instructor, I see the value in the camaraderie which exists when people participate in group ex classes, and also the (conscious or not) level of competition which can creep out that then encourages people to work a little harder. I?ve often heard stories about people who will get on a treadmill next to a person who?s running fast, so that then they themselves are forced to run just as fast, if not faster, to keep up. We all have likely watched races where at the end, when someone is neck to neck with someone near the finish, both will go all out. This type of thing can happen in a gym class?with people around us, we just naturally tend to work harder. So for one, I love introducing people to group ex because it changes up their routine and it pushes them a little more. But what?s the second best thing I like about sharing group ex with others? Sharing with them how much fun it is. I love group ex to no end. And I cannot imagine only exercising on a cardio machine like I used to?there?s just so much I would miss about working out with people, even if they are strangers. I brought my friend Jean to my MMA inspired class this past weekend. And for the next two days, she complained about being sore and feeling like an old lady. SUCCESS, I thought! I was showing her how much more she could be getting out of her workouts, and she had FUN taking the class with me. Her rush of endorphins during the class propelled her to continue to work out a bit more even after the 60 minutes?and I?m hopeful she?ll see the light and join in more group ex classes in the future. -June



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